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Bandwidth Issues Cause Apple Livestream Delays

Those looking to watch Apple's newest product unveiling were a little disappointed today.

Today was a big day in the tech world, as Apple took over the Flint Center in its hometown of Cupertino for a multi-pronged unveiling of the company’s newest products, including a long-awaited touchscreen watch, new iPhone(s) and a mobile payment system. But thousands — posssibly millions — of people worldwide, set to watch the presentation via a streaming page on Apple’s company website, were treated to little more than an off-putting translation hard-wired into the audio stream, video stops and starts and straight-up freezes and not much else throughout much of the anticipated keynote.

Bandwidth Issues Cause Apple Livestream Delays

A source familiar with the situation tells Billboard that it was “purely a bandwidth issue,” saying that the company’s streaming had reached capacity “due to the influx and volume” of people attempting to watch via Apple’s website. Our source asserted that it had nothing to do with the system itself but the massive strain placed upon it.

By the end of the presentation, when U2 took to the stage to premiere its new music (and promote its new, free album) the stream had returned to mostly serviceable quality. At the very least, the curious can now watch the full presentation right here.