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Bad Bunny’s 2022 Concert Tickets Setting Records On Scalper Sites

Bad Bunny's 2022 El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo sold out at a record speed, but ticket scalpers may be the ones really cashing in.

Bad Bunny sold more than 600,000 tickets to his 2022 El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo in the past week, generating $64 million to $85 million in revenue, according to Billboard estimates, for a 35-date tour that is one of the fastest selling in history. But scalpers are on track to make at least that much, or even double.

The resale market could earn $133 million in revenue and potentially $120 million in profit if current price averages hold, according to data obtained by Billboard.

The average ticket price for Bad Bunny’s tour is now 10 times the original listed price, frustrating fans who logged in Thursday for 480,000 presale tickets and tried again Monday to buy up remaining inventory, only to see tickets bought up and relisted at massive markups.


Data provided by ticket data and distribution company TicketIQ shows that the average cost of a ticket to Bad Bunny’s tour on resale sites is $2,473, “making it the most expensive tour we’ve ever tracked,” CEO Jesse Lawrence tells us. Primary tickets sold directly by the venue and tour were $239 for most seats, with some marked down as low as $69.

After tickets completely sold out Monday, some fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration that tickets were being sold at such high markups, meaning huge profits for scalpers. A $480 pair of face value tickets (not including fees) is already an expensive night out for most couples, but a $5,000 set of tickets is far beyond the budgets of most fans.

TicketIQ numbers show that an average 1,542 tickets per show have been listed on the secondary market — spread out across 35 shows, that’s about 53,970 tickets bought up by resellers and then posted on sites on StubHub, Vivid Tickets and Ticketmaster Plus, the Ticketmaster-owned resale site.


“It seems that between the pent-up Covid demand generated by a first ever Spanish-only No. 1 LP, and his ability to stay visible in a broader pop-culture,” including appearance at Wrestlemania 37 early this month in Tampa, Florida, fans are “seeing the perfect storm for Bad Bunny demand,” Lawrence said.

For context, Bad Bunny tickets are now selling for 126% more than the average resale price for Harry Styles’ 2020 tour priced at an average $1,095 on resale sites, 214% more expensive than The Rolling Stones’ 2017–2019 No Filter Tour with average tickets priced at $786, and 296% more expensive than Phish’s planned 2021 Summer Tour.

TicketIQ’s blog details fans options for buying tickets and Lawrence says that while the average price is high, fans can still rely on “get in prices,” meaning the cheapest price available at the show. These tickets are typically the upper sections and least desirable tickets. For Bad Bunny’s El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, they range from $214 at Centre Bell in Montreal, Canada, to $1,206 at the Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.