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Bad Bunny & Drake’s ‘MIA’ Is First Spanish Track to Hit No. 1 on Apple Music’s U.S. Top Songs Chart

“MIA,” the new track by Bad Bunny featuring Drake, has officially become the first full Spanish-language song to go to No. 1 on Apple Music’s Top Songs Chart in the United States.

The song, released Thursday, quickly shot to No. 1 not only in the U.S., but also Mexico, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Belize, Bolivia and Cape Verde.


"Obviously this song is an achievement for me in my career, but what makes me really feel good is to make Latinos feel proud,” Bad Bunny told Apple Music. “To provoke that pride that a pop figure and someone so big in music globally like Drake would sing with me completely in Spanish and create this hit “Mia”. That’s the best part of it.”

“MIA” also launched ¡Dale Play!, Apple Music’s new Latin music playlist, which debuted less than 24 hours ago and is already the No. 5 playlist on Apple Music.

“MIA” is the latest in an avalanche of tracks featuring Latin and mainstream artists, and it’s been a long time in the making. News of Bad Bunny and Drake collaborating had circulated on social media since early in the year. Check out ¡Dale Play! here: