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Bad Bunny’s 2022 Tour Sells Out In Record Time

Bad Bunny's El Último Tour del Mundo ranks as the top sales day for any tour on Ticketmaster since 2018.

Bad Bunny‘s El Último Tour del Mundo 2022 has become the fastest selling tour since 2018 with 480,000 tickets sold in less than a week, companies tell Billboard.

According to Ticketmaster and Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), Bunny’s pre-sale date on Thursday (April 15) now ranks as the top sales day for any tour on Ticketmaster since 2018’s Beyoncé and Jay Z On the Run II Tour on-sale. According to projections by Billboard based on available data, the tour can gross anywhere from $63 million to $84 million over 35 shows.

“One thing is clear: the world wants to see Bad Bunny live on stage,” Mark Yovich, president, Ticketmaster, said in a statement. “The demand for his tour has smashed multiple records, with one of the most active on-sale periods in Ticketmaster’s history. Ticketmaster is honored to get fans one step closer to live with tickets to see this global breakthrough artist.”


Booked by UTA and promoted by CMN, El Último Tour del Mundo – named after Bunny’s surprise 2020 album – will be touring 35 cities across North America, beginning Feb. 9, 2022 at the Ball Arena in Denver, CO. Ten additional dates were added to the tour during Thursday’s (April 15) pre-sale, which had thousands of loyal Bad Bunny fans patiently waiting their turn in a virtual line to purchase a ticket even after Ticketmaster’s website crashed. See the new dates here.

Bunny’s 2018 tour (including both a spring and fall leg) grossed $21.2 million and sold 273,000 tickets. His 2019 tour (which also had a spring + fall leg) grossed $45.5 million and sold 477,000 tickets, according to Billboard Boxscore.

The Grammy-winning Puerto Rican artist announced his 2022 tour following his WrestleMania 37 debut on April 12. After the match, Bunny posted a video in which WWE legend Triple H, said, “You did amazing at WrestleMania but now, it’s time for you to do what you do,” while handing the singer a yellow road case. “Thanks,” responded Bunny, who opened it to reveal a skull-shaped microphone and the words “tour 2022” on the side of the case. The clip was captioned, “POR FIN!!! ESTÁN LISTOS??? (Finally! Are you all ready?).”

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