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Ask Billboard: Should Cee Lo’s Song Be Banned?

Readers discuss a notable chart achievement by Train and whether Cee Lo Green's "F**k You (Forget You)" should appear on the Hot 100.

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Dear Gary,

I noticed that) (as usual!) about party songs that reference the carefree raising of one’s hands in the air.

I would add an honorable mention for Chic’s “Everybody Dance,” with its dominating refrain, “Clap your hands, clap your hands!” Somehow, I feel that the song is a much greater part of American pop culture than its No. 38 Hot 100 peak in 1978 would suggest.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Scott Volk
San Francisco, California

Dear Gary,

I enjoyed reading your list of charted songs that include the word “hand” in their titles. But, since it covered only top five Hot 100 hits, I feel like it was a little, well, short-handed. How about a few others that peaked a bit lower:

No. 6, “Lay Your Hands on Me,” Thompson Twins, 1985

No. 7, “Lay Your Hands on Me,” Bon Jovi, 1989
No. 9, “Willie and the Hand Jive,” the Johnny Otis Show, 1958
No. 9, “Too Much Time on My Hands,” Styx, 1981
No. 13, “Healing Hands,” Elton John, 1989

No. 19, “Hand to Hold on To,” John Cougar, 1983
No. 20, “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand),” Diana Ross, 1970

We should also remember “He’s Got the Whole World (in His Hands)” by Laurie London, which charted in 1958 before the Hot 100 launched. The song peaked at No. 1 in airplay (“Most Played by Jockeys”) and No. 2 in sales (“Best Sellers in Stores”) and on the Top 100 (the Hot 100’s predecessor chart).


Jeff Lerner
Long Island, New York

Hi Gary,

Another interesting “Ask Billboard” letter from Pablo Nelson.

There was also a song that reached No. 7 in Canada in March 1988 with a title that sums up the entire topic. The band, from Ottawa, was called Sway and their only top 40 hit was entitled “Hands Up”!

Blair Buchta
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hi Scott, Jeff and Blair,

Thanks for the additional titles.

I thought of one more song that fits the discussion while watching the Red Sox (lose, unfortunately) at Fenway Park last Saturday.

Although its title does not include the word “hands,” fans always raise theirs (and touch hands … reaching out …) in the middle of the eighth inning of every Sox home game when this anthem, that reached No. 4 on the Hot 100 in 1969, by a baseball-related Diamond plays to a joyous crowd over the park’s PA system. Or, by the song’s writer and original performer in person …