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Apple Music to Launch New Multi-Lingual Playlist

Apple Music has announced its latest playlist called Suave, a multi-lingual, global R&B playlist which includes R&B songs in English, Spanish and a sprinkle of Portuguese. The new playlist will launch featuring Melii's new song "Fresh Air."

"We fell in love with Melii’s "Fresh Air" the moment she played it for us and we knew without a doubt that we had to launch Suave with this song,” says Marissa Gastelum, Latin Music Programmer, Apple Music. "This is the definitive home for the best of the best in R&B regardless of language."

Suave is set to premiere on Thursday (Mar. 21) and will be updated every week with music by Paloma Mami and Rosalia, among others.


"Music itself is a universal language, but great music breaks down language barriers. When artists like Melii, Paloma Mami, Rosalía and others make great music, Suave seeks to be the intersection of culture where the music comes first,” added Alaysia Sierra, R&B and Hip Hop Programmer, Apple Music. 

The playlist can be listened to here.


Apple Music To Launch New Multi-Lingual