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Apple Music Unveils New Web App

Apple Music is bringing its streaming service to the world's largest platform. On Thursday (Sept. 5), Apple Music launched a web app accessible using any desktop computer browser. Previously, using Apple Music on a PC or Mac required downloading the iTunes store application.    

The move away from the iTunes store should be a welcome addition for PC users and for consumers who own Chromebooks or devices running Linux. Eventually, users will be able to sign up for Apple Music through the web app, according to a statement from Apple. The new web player also has a similar design to the forthcoming Apple Music app in Mac OS Catalina, which will come out this fall.  

For now, only current Apple Music subscribers outside of China will be able to use this new web app on their preferred browser.   

The Apple Music web app will be able to play songs from your computer library as well as playlists from the iCloud Music Library. The web player is missing a few features — Apple Music friends and Beats 1, for example, are not yet available on the web player. But Apple says both will be added in the near future. 


The Apple Music team has been pushing out a flurry of updates over the past six months with a slew of rebranded playlists, a new Shazam-powered chart, and rebranding Mastered for iTunes tracks as Apple Digital Masters on the streaming service. The company has also made an effort to utilize external partners to make Apple Music easier to access, adding support for Amazon Alexa and offering the streaming service for free with certain Verizon unlimited plans during the past year.