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Apple Music to Get Sonos Debut in December

Apple Music is finally arriving on Sonos.

As the company claimed earlier this month, Apple Music will be on Sonos very shortly — but now we know when. A public beta on Dec. 15 will bring Apple’s new streaming service, which has around 15 million listeners, to Sonos’ well-liked, wireless and web-connected speakers.

“We’ve been huge fans of Sonos and have worked with them for many years — since my early days working on iTunes. Our customers love Sonos products, and we’re thrilled to bring the full Apple Music experience” to the app, Apple svp Eddy Cue tells Billboard.


Sonos CEO John McFarlane says the company doesn’t “have any partners quite like Apple.” With a market cap of $656.8 billion, not many companies do.

Founded in 2002, Sonos has spent the past year marketing its products heavily and expects $1 billion in sales, according to AdAge. Earlier this month the company released an series of ads featuring Rick Rubin, Q-Tip, St. Vincent and more. Hans Zimmer, Rick Rubin and Q-Tip are also involved with the company’s board in an undefined capacity, as Q-Tip explained earlier this year.