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Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez Get Custom Workouts With Apple’s Fitness+

Apple is preparing to launch a new Artist Spotlight series for its Fitness+ subscription service that will tailor workouts around the music catalogs of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.

On June 28, the company will roll out the new feature for its Fitness service, which will be powered by Apple Music, as it continues to find synergies between its various subscription services. Each of the four artists in the Artist Spotlight series will have workouts created from their music catalogs, with new workouts to be released every Monday over the next four weeks culminating in a total of 16 distinct workouts.

Lady Gaga, J-Lo Get Custom Workouts
Courtesy of Apple

Each workout will feature upbeat music from the artists in a playlist that users can view before they select the workout. The playlists won’t be limited to Fitness+ subscribers either; Apple Music subscribers will be able to access the Fitness+ Spotlight playlists which will feature high-energy tracks (which will include collaborations and remixes) that users can take advantage of for a workout on their own time.

This is the latest integration between Apple Music and Apple Fitness, after the company added a fitness section in the music app along with a selection of Apple Fitness+ Studio Series playlists, each of which are tailored for specific workouts, back in January.


The music industry has been highly focused on growing its revenue from its fitness partners like Apple and the fitness giant Peloton, which manufactures exercise bikes and treadmills and sells subscriptions for instructor-led classes. After being sued for copyright infringement by the National Music Publishers’ Association in 2019, Peloton settled the $370 million lawsuit with the trade group in 2020, setting the groundwork to make music an even bigger part of the fitness company’s future plans.

With Apple focused on health as a core tenet of its business moving forward — in February CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Outside Magazine that he believes Apple’s work in health and wellness will be the company’s greatest contribution to mankind — and its continued push to further integrate Apple Music and Apple Fitness, the Cupertino-based company could be another profitable cog in the music industry’s push to gain a bigger financial foothold in the fitness industry.