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Apink Score Highest Entry on World Albums Chart to Date, Debut on Social 50

Apink is hitting new career highs during their seventh year with a new peak on the World Albums chart with 'One & Six' and a debut on the Social 50 chart.

Seven years is considered a tough year for most K-pop acts, but Apink is hitting new career highs during theirs.

The girl group see their new One & Six: 7th Mini Album EP debut at No. 11 on Billboard’s World Albums chart to mark their highest entry to date. This is the group’s third entry on the chart following 2016’s Pink Revolution (which peaked at No. 12) and last year’s Pink Up (which hit No. 14). 

The boosted interest in Apink could come from a refreshing turn in sound and style as lead single “I’m So Sick” sees the ladies embracing a more sophisticated dance sound instead of their signature, innocent bubblegum pop.

Not only does “I’m So Sick” mark a new sonic direction, but also a bolder image as the group deliver a kissoff anthem to break ties with a lying paramour. While it does have some of the bouncy innocence of past Apink releases, altogether it’s a stark difference from the excessively romantic synth-pop from 2017 single “Five” but a welcome change for a group whose youngest member is now 21.


Past Apink albums have shown their experimental sides on B-sides with the lead single’s dance vibe continued on the punchy, whistle-laden “A L R I G H T,” while the band grooves to ’90s R&B on “Don’t Be Silly” and show off their knack for ballads on “Forever Star.”

Over on the World Digital Song Sales chart, One & Six‘s lead single “I’m So Sick” starts at No. 14. This marks Apink’s fourth entry on the tally after making their first appearance in 2014 with “Mr. Chu” (which peaked at No. 20), followed by “Luv” later that year (which peaked at No. 5, their best position to date) and in 2015 they landed “Remember” on the chart (peaking at No. 14).

Interestingly, even without entering the chart, Apink’s best selling song in America is 2013 single “NoNoNo,” which has sold 3,000 downloads to date, according to Nielsen Music.

Apink also make their debut on Billboard‘s Social 50 chart this week, opening at No. 39. This makes the sextet the third most active girl group on the world’s leading social networking sites this week, as well as the 11th most active K-pop act and 12th most active female artist — all indicating this release and change-up in sound and image very possibly connected with more people than past releases. 

Check out “I’m So Sick” above and then watch the group perform “A L R I G H T” live below.