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AleXa Makes a ‘Bomb’ Top 10 Debut on World Digital Song Sales Chart

"The fact that we reached No. 7 on the World Digital Song Sales chart really proves that music transcends language," AleXa tells Billboard of her "Bomb" chart debut.

After a long and winding road to finally make her debut on the K-pop scene, AleXa can boast a successful start on the Billboard charts.

The 22-year-old singer sees debut single “Bomb” land at No. 7 on Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart this week. Even in a competitive week that boasted new releases from Korean-pop powerhouses like BTSSuper Junior and Tomorrow X Together, AleXa was still able to hold her own as only one of two new K-pop songs to break into the Top 10.

With her solid start, AleXa now claims a place among a small group of female K-pop stars able to land their debut solo single on the Billboard charts. The last K-diva to chart higher with her first single was Somi when her first single “Birthday” bowed at No. 5 on World Digital Song Sales in June. 


“The fact that we reached No. 7 on the World Digital Song Sales chart really proves that music transcends language,” AleXa tells Billboard in an exclusive reaction statement to her chart debut. “This is all thanks to the hard-working teams that I have the blessing to work with. Without them none of this would have been possible.”

As noted when Billboard premiered the video to “Bomb” last month, AleXa had an unconventional road to the K-pop scene but eventually found a home as the first artist signed under K-pop music video production company Zanybros. “This was such a big surprise,” says Angelina Foss, head of Zanbros’ ZB Label, on the chart news. “We are beyond humbled by this and are just happy that the hard work with our great and diverse team could reach out to so many people. We will keep working hard to keep furthering cultural boundaries.”

During the first week of “Bomb,” AleXa embraced a digital-first approach delivering loads of video content related to her first single (including multiple teaser videos, reaction videos and other fun content from ZB Label), as well as collaborating with and sending exclusive content to influential YouTube and social media stars (including personal shoutouts to YouTuber JRE, with his 1.2 million subscribers, and Twitter news account @OH_mes with their quarter of a million followers). The numbers for “Bomb” were also boosted by releasing a Korean, English and instrumental version of the song.

Check out AleXa’s “Bomb” music video, with nearly five million views, below: