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After Romeo Gets ‘Love’ on Billboard + Twitter Charts

The L.A.-based quintet After Romeo arrived on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 this week with "LOL (Love on Lock)" which went to No. 4 peak on Wednesday (Oct. 22).

Look out, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer — there’s a new group ready to dominate the music scene.

Los Angeles based quintet After Romeo arrived on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 this week with “LOL (Love on Lock)” an energetic pop track laced with R&B influences reminiscent of Jason DeRulo or Jay Sean. “LOL” finds the crooners pledging their unwavering love to their fans, vowing that they have their “love on lock.” Listeners proved eager to share their love for the track on Twitter, sending “LOL” to a No. 4 peak on Wednesday (Oct. 22).


The group’s manager, Jonnie Forster, credits their huge social presence as the key reason for the quintet’s success. To date, After Romeo’s Twitter account boasts more than 132,000 followers — all without an album or EP.

“We make an active commitment to reach out to our fans, who we call ‘Bromeos’ and ‘Juliets’,” Forster said. “When we perform and 3000 people show up, people wonder how we do it. It’s all in reaching out and connecting with our fans — not just ‘buy this, buy that.’”

While After Romeo’s social presence is largest in the United States, Asia has become a key market, leading to the group’s recent signing with Sony Japan. In the coming months, the group will return to the Asian market, with scheduled performances in Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Before making the trip to Asia, though, the group is wrapping the Bullyproof Tour, also a Forster creation. The tour consists of performances in select cities dedicated to educate students about widespread bullying and promote tolerance and self-confidence.

“Boy bands know a thing or two about being bullied,” said Devin Fox, the group’s youngest member. “All of us in the group have been poked fun at and called really bad things just because we wanted to sing and dance.”

They plan on doing a lot more singing and dancing into 2015. After the group wraps their touring dates, Forster expects the quintet will return to the studio early next year to write and record new tracks and use their social fanbase to power some singles at radio.

“We’re really looking forward to next year. Here we are with a massive, still-growing fanbase, and iHeartRadio has been a big pusher for us these past months,” Forster said. The song was added to the platform’s digital service stream in early October and was played multiple times per day across the platform’s 140 pop stations, according to a tweet from the group’s official account. “2015 should be a big year for us.”