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Who Are Adexe & Nau? Check Out the YouTube Sensations Newly Signed to Sony

Spanish sibling duo Adexe & Nau sign with Sony Music U.S. Latin.

You may not know the names Adexe & Nau yet, but chances are, if you speak a smidgeon of Spanish, you’ve seen this sibling duo from Tenerife, Spain.

That’s because in the past year alone, Adexe & Nau — 11 and 14 years old, respectively — have uploaded a series of videos on YouTube that have collectively generated more than 1 billion views, resulting in 2.9 million subscribers (yes, you read that right) to their YouTube channel.?

It’s the kind of achievement that got Sony Music U.S. Latin President Nir Seroussi excited. “They represent the future of Latin music,” he said. “Thanks to their own efforts and talent, they’ve achieved historical milestones in just one year.”

Seroussi signed the duo to their first label deal, with plans to release a first album in April.


Like many other YouTube sensations, Adexe & Nau got their start by releasing covers of big hits online. Theirs came hand in hand with basic but cute music videos where there’s a lot of puppy love and dance routines with young girls (think High School Musical more than Miley Cyrus). It works: The video for their version of Chino y Nacho’s “Andas en mi cabeza,” featuring dancing on a boardwalk, has more than 225 million views, and their take on Nicky Jam’s “Hasta el amanecer” shows them flirting with girls in the park.

Now, the duo has transitioned to their own material, written together with Iván Troyano. Their first official single, “Tu y yo,” which will be included on the new album, already has close to 80 million views.

According to Sony, Adexe & Nau generate 4.5 million daily views, with as many as 9 million views per day during weekends. Although the brothers are Spanish, they’ve already amassed an international following, with the bulk of their YouTube fans coming from Mexico, Argentina and Spain. The duo already has offers to perform in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and the U.S., plus the possibility of doing Brazil’s Rock in Rio next year.