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Adele Shopping Las Vegas Residency as She Prepares for New Album

Adele is considering a Las Vegas residency in 2022, sources tell Billboard.

As speculation grows around a new Adele album, the superstar singer is considering a Las Vegas residency in 2022, sources tell Billboard.

Adele is currently shopping for options and, according to sources, she is considering either the Park Theater at the Park MGM Las Vegas or the Colosseum at Caesars Palace — both of which are run by Live Nation and have available dates on their calendars for 2022.


The Las Vegas plan isn’t finalized yet, but a deal has reportedly been in the works for a number of weeks, sources confirm. The Las Vegas residency would cover all of her North American touring plans for 2022, given Adele’s booking team has not placed any holds for major arenas or stadium dates in North America, sources say. Non-binding holds are typically used by booking agents and promoters to reserve space on a venue’s event calendar as they begin plotting out a tour.

A global world tour could easily generate $200 million in ticket sales for the British singer and would bring in far more revenue than a Las Vegas residency. Most arenas can hold 20,000 people per show, while a Vegas residency would be capped at the 6,400-seat Park Theater or the 4,100-seat Colosseum. Adele generated more than $150 million in ticket sales in North America during her 2016 tour, according to Billboard Boxscore, and broke a record in Australia, selling 600,000 tickets to eight shows in 2017.


She could potentially make even more in 2022 thanks to pent-up demand, but touring a huge production around the world comes with significant costs compared to a stationary Vegas show. Subtract those expenses and add in a premium that can be tacked on to ticket prices thanks to the exclusive, intimate nature of a Las Vegas residency and the difference between what kind of pay Adele could take home from a Vegas residency compared to a tour begins to diminish.

Sources say Adele likes the idea of having her fans travel to see her in Vegas, where she can keep an apartment, avoid being away from her 8-year-old son for long stretches of time, and easily shuttle back and forth from her home in Los Angeles.

Adele is one of the top-grossing recording artists of the last decade, and opting to stay in Las Vegas for a lengthy residency would set a new precedent for the city’s concert model. The modern residency was pioneered by Celine Dion at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in March 2003, beginning a run that would last 16 years, include more than 1,000 shows and gross well north of $681 million in ticket sales.


Since Dion’s debut, hundreds of artists have tried their hand at Vegas residencies, including, most recently, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Usher, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Rod Stewart and Sting. Once considered the domain of artists long past their peak, today’s Las Vegas residency shows are big business, generating millions in sales. Adele would be one of the rare artists to play a Las Vegas residency during what many consider to be a new creative peak in her career. In fact, she has the potential to be one of the first artists to play the Colosseum while having an album charting within the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

On Tuesday (Oct. 5), Adele announced her new single “Easy on Me” for Oct. 15, posting a 10-second preview of the song’s piano melody on her socials. The song is expected to be the lead single from her fourth studio album, which is possibly titled 30, if last week’s billboards and light projections around the globe are to be believed. This would be the first new music from the British singer since 2015’s 25, which spent a staggering 10 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and earned the album of the year Grammy. 25 sold 3.38 million copies in its debut week — the biggest sales week for an album since MRC Data began tracking point-of-sale purchases in 1991.


After a Las Vegas residency, there would still likely be plenty of demand for Adele by fans who didn’t travel to Las Vegas but will pay for a ticket to see her play in their own towns. Many artists, including Dion, have played multiyear exclusive residency shows in Vegas and then successfully hit the road with a 20- to 30-date tour.

Adele is managed by Jonathan Dickens at September Management and repped for touring by WME.