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Adele’s ’25’ Breaks Oasis’ First-Week U.K. Sales Record

*NSYNC isn't the only act Adele's third studio effort 25 is leaving in the dust. The singer's latest release has officially broken Oasis' first-week record to become the fastest-selling album in the…

*NSYNC isn’t the only act Adele‘s third studio effort 25 is leaving in the dust. The singer’s latest release has officially broken Oasis‘ first-week record to become the fastest-selling album in the U.K., Official Charts reports.

As of Thursday (Nov. 26), 25 has pushed 737,000 copies, besting the English rock band’s 696,000 opening week sales with 1997’s Be Here Now. To note, the album dropped on a Thursday and only counted three days of sales during its debut week. Oasis’ seven-day sales total was 813,000. 


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The news comes after the “Hello” singer shattered *NSYNC’s single-week sales record in the U.S. Her recent album sold 2.433 million in just three days, beating the pop boy band’s 2.416 million sales total for 2000’s No Strings Attached in its first week of release.

Ask some of *NSYNC’s members about Adele’s new record and there’s no sign of beef. Joey Fatone admits he “bought the damn album,” while Lance Bass waved bye bye bye to their record on Twitter.

Official: Adele Breaks *NSYNC’s Single-Week U.S. Album Sales Record

JC Chasez also applauded Adele’s success, telling Billboard, “Records were made to be broken. It was a flattering luxury knowing we sold more records than anyone in a week, but it’s also nice seeing people continue to be passionate about music in the next generations. Adele proves that emotion and art are alive and well in music today.”

Official Charts will be posting the final first-week sales of Adele’s 25 in the U.K. on Friday.