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Recently Arrested Music Exec Adam Lublin Was Pushed Out of AEG Because of Inappropriate Behavior

Music executive Adam Lublin was forced to resign from AEG in 2017 because of inappropriate behavior, sources tell Billboard.

Music executive Adam Lublin was forced to resign from AEG in 2017 because of inappropriate behavior, sources tell Billboard.   

Lublin was arrested earlier this month after allegedely sneaking into a neighbor’s apartment, stealing her underwear and sexually assaulting her while she slept. One week later, he was arrested a second time and charged with burglary and sexual assault for a similiar incident with the victim’s roommate that had allegedly taken place before his first arrest.   

Sources who knew Lublin during his time at AEG, where he worked as senior vp talent and touring since 2011, say rumors about Lublin’s inappropriate behavior had quietly circulated for some time. In 2017, Lublin was investigated for inappropriate behavior toward a female colleague and voluntarily resigned from his position, multiple sources confirmed to Billboard.   


Months after the dismissal, Lublin allegedly showed up at a festival in 2018 produced by AEG and attempted to gain access to an area restricted to AEG employees, but was turned away, sources tell Billboard.  

“People were kind of shocked that he thought he could just show up like that,” one source said. “It seemed like he thought everyone would be cool with him being there, but they weren’t.”

AEG was contacted for this article, but would not comment. Lublin also declined to comment.

After leaving AEG, Lublin went on to work as a consultant for First Access Entertainment, a joint venture of Len Blavatnik‘s Access Industries, the holding company for Warner Music Group. He told friends he had planned to relocate to Los Angeles after leaving AEG, but never made the move.

During his time at AEG, he mostly worked in New York and focused on hip-hop artists, and there are dozens of photos of him on sites like Getty Images taken at parties with artists like Mike WiLL Made-It and Busta Rhymes, as well as executives like former Epic Records head L.A. Reid. After he left AEG, Lublin continued to be a presence at live music shows and was photographed with artists like Smokepurpp and DJ Jus Ske, and was most recently photographed attending the Puma Def Jam Day Party on June 22, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California.


Earlier this month, Lublin’s neighbors reported he had broken into their New York City apartments and touched them while they were sleeping. The first neighbor reported to police that someone has broken into her Battery Park City apartment and woke up to find Lublin touching her vagina. She later also noticed that several pairs of her underwear were missing.

The woman reportedly looked through her building security footage and was able to identify Lublin as the person who had broken into her apartment. A New York Police officer later observed Lublin toss a cup into the trash while leaving the building. When the officer looked inside the trash can, he discovered a cup containing underwear and a pink flamingo straw. The victim identified the underwear as hers. Lublin was subsequently charged on Sept. 16 with burglary in the second degree, burglary in the second degree as a sexually motivated felony and sexual abuse in the first degree. His bail was set at $175,000 and an order of protection was put in place to keeping Lublin away from his neighbor.

Then four days later, on Sept. 20, Lublin was charged again for allegedly breaking into the same apartment earlier that same month. That victim, roommate of the initial victim, told the district attorney that on Sept. 8 she was asleep in her apartment and woke up when she felt the defendant touching her breast with his hand and placing her hand on his groin. For that incident, Lublin was charged with burglary in the second degree, burglary in the second degree as a sexually motivated felony, and sexual abuse in the first degree. Bail was set at $100k cash or bond. His next court date in both cases is set for Sept. 16.

Shortly after the arrest, Lublin told Billboard that he planned to check into rehab.

“If I don’t get help, I’m going to end up killing myself,” he said, clarifying that he was not suicidal but felt that mentally “he was in a very bad place.”

His attorney Scott Leemon defended his client saying “one of the backbones in our legal system is the presumption of innocence.”

Leemon added in a statement that “important presumption is deep routed in our history and was created to stop others from jumping to conclusions. Today, Adam will rely on that presumption of innocence. Out of respect for the system we will not make any further comment at this time.”