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A-Trak Joins Board of Managers at Beatsource: Exclusive

Dance music veteran and turntablist extraordinaire A-Trak is joining the Board of Managers at Beatsource, a new digital music service for open format DJs. A joint venture between longstanding digital download giant Beatport and subscription-based digital DJ record pool DJCity, Beatsource is set to launch its digital download store next month. 

“Genre-specific stores don’t reflect the DJ landscape anymore,"' A-Trak says in a statement. "The open-format DJ community has needed a home where we can find all the music we need, curated by like-minded people we respect. Both Beatport and DJcity have been vital to the health of DJ culture for many years, and I’m honored to work with their teams to bring some great products to market.”

The artist, born Alain Macklovitch, joins Beatsource president and DJcity founder and CEO Brian "DJ Quickie" Wong and Beatsource chief operating officer and DJcity president Edwin "DJ Phenom." They'll work in partnership with Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels and the rest of the Beatport executive team. Beatsource aims to provide DJs access to an expansive catalog of hits and pre-release exclusives typically serviced through the DJ promo pool industry.


“There aren’t many DJs that can effortlessly and elegantly move between the electronic and open-format DJ communities," McDaniels says in a press release, "but Alain is one of the few, and we are excited for him to join our Board. Alain’s artistic and creative perspective will be hugely valuable to Beatsource as we roll out a series of next generation music products in the coming months.”

In addition to the September launch of the Beatsource online store, the company plans to release Beatsource LINK by the end of 2019. This service will use Beatport technology to integrate the Beatsource store directly into DJ software and hardware and allow DJs to stream in online of offline mode. The company also has plans to integrate the DJcity “promo pool” service into LINK early in 2020. It will be the only service of its kind available to the open-format DJ community.