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9:30 Club Co-Owner Seth Hurwitz Arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution

Independent concert promoter Seth Hurwitz of I.M.P. has been arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution by Montgomery County police, according to multiple reports. Fairfax News was first…

Independent concert promoter Seth Hurwitz of I.M.P., who co-owns the popular Washington D.C. music venue 9:30 Club and has operating agreements with The Anthem and Merriweather Post Pavilion, has been arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution by Montgomery County police, according to multiple reports. Fairfax News was first to report the arrest.

The victim, a licensed massage therapist, claims Hurwitz made inappropriate sexual comments and motions at her workplace last Thursday, implying she would receive a bigger tip for performing sex acts. He also allegedly left a roll of cash on the floor of the massage room.   


The massage therapist additionally claims that Hurwitz asked two times if she would perform a massage for him at his home at a future date and that she ended the session 10 minutes early due to his behavior. She also alleges he texted her later that day and the following day.  

After news of the arrest broke, Hurwitz released a note to his employees that read: “Folks…Obviously the recent events have caused a great deal of embarrassment to everybody. We are working to resolve this…I only ask that you don’t pass judgment until that day. But, until then, this is not a matter that concerns our business and please soldier on as usual, doing the great jobs that have made us who we are…and I say WE because who we are is not just about me. I am, however…VERY sorry for any embarrassment & stress this is causing any of you.”

Hurwitz’s attorney Paul F. Kemp also released the following statement Thursday: “In response to the numerous inquiries about the misdemeanor charge placed yesterday, it is far too early to comment on the allegation. The facts will come out in due course. In the meantime, we ask that you give consideration to Seth and his family. Seth is presumed innocent under our laws. We look forward  to a prompt resolution of this case.”    

After the alleged victim contacted police on Aug. 16, detectives reportedly witnessed a further series of texts and a phone call between she and Hurwitz, during which he offered her money for sex acts. He was arrested at the massage therapist’s place of business on Wednesday morning (Aug. 21) after showing up for a scheduled appointment. He was reportedly carrying 10 $100 bills outside his wallet.  

The massage therapist told police Hurwitz mentioned he had similar arrangements with other women; Montgomery County detectives are currently searching for other possible victims. 

Hurwitz was booked and released on a $5,000 bond. 

UPDATE: This article was updated at 5:15 p.m. EDT to include Hurwitz’s note and the statement released by his attorney.