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The 5 Top Latin Tours of 2015: Juan Gabriel, Chayanne, Romeo Santos, Ricardo Arjona & Marc Anthony

A look at the top five Latin tours of the year, according to results provided to Boxscore.

It was a big year for Latin tours, with a slew of major acts hitting the road with brio and a seemingly endless supply of fans shelling out big money to see them, from Argentina to Canada. It was the year of Juan Gabriel, the highest-grossing Latin touring act of 2015. But it was also the year of mega-stars Romeo Santos, Ricardo Arjona, Chayanne and Marc Anthony, all tireless performers with an extraordinary capacity of delighting fans anew, year after year.


A look at the top five Latin tours of the year, according to results provided to Boxscore. Totals are based on the number of dates reported to Boxscore, as detailed below each act.


1. Juan Gabriel
Gross: $37,196,381
Attendance: 369,202
Shows: 40

If there ever was a phoenix rising from the ashes it would be Juan Gabriel. Always a prolific performer, the Mexican singer/songwriter nevertheless was forced to cancel performances last year due to illness. But man, did he ever return with a vengeance. Juan Gabriel performed a first leg of his U.S. tour, so successfully, he returned for more. All this on top of the success of his Los Duo, the top-selling Latin album of 2015, according to Soundscan.


2. Chayanne
Gross: $18,208,592
Attendance: 216,712
Shows: 30

The man sings and dances like no one else. And his “En todo estaré” tour, a true tour de force that requires an athlete’s stamina onstage, saw Chayanne tackling past hits with new arrangements and also finding acceptance for his new singles. Few pop stars have managed to go this strong for so long.


3. Romeo Santos
Gross: $18,012,835
Attendance: 227,198
Shows: 18

Romeo’s bounty appears to be endless, and his sexy show—where he’s known to bring fans onstage for sexy serenades—continues to delight fans. After posting a phenomenal 2014, he extended his tour into 2015, playing dates in both North and South America.


4. Ricardo Arjona
Gross: $16,102,319
Attendance: 188,758
Shows: 27

Arjona’s Viaje tour was another tour de force that included two U.S. legs. Perhaps the single most elaborate staging of any Latin act—with the stage redone to portray a multi-storied train station — Viaje arrived in the U.S. after an extraordinary Latin American run that included performing for over 1 million in Argentina alone.


5. Marc Anthony
Gross: $15,224,143
Attendance: 141,607
Shows: 14

The ultimate performer, Marc Anthony continued to sell out shows by singing his ass off accompanied by a killer band. Devoid of props or dancers, Marc Anthony toured in 2015 with a round 360 stage and a band that looked an sounded bigger than ever.  Having a hit like “Vivir mi vida” didn’t hurt, either. 

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