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New Insights Released About Music Fans in Japan

In the latest Music 360 study, MRC Data focused attention on Japan to understand consumer music sentiment, behaviors, and how engagement may have been impacted by the pandemic. This landscape study included topics such as: physical music behaviors, social media and live stream touchpoints, and whether Japan is poised on the edge of mainstream music streaming adoption.

With data gathered in the spring, research revealed that 59% of the General Population (13+) engaged with music over the past year, showing that it’s a much smaller music market compared to the other countries MRC Data has studied during the pandemic (Spain, France, U.S.).

Not surprisingly, J-Pop is far and away the most popular genre (81% listenership), followed by Kayokyoku with 58% listenership. When looking at how music fans consume music, 31% have purchased physical music (e.g. cassettes, vinyl, CDs), while 15% have purchased digital music (e.g. individual albums or tracks). Japan is a relatively newer streaming market with 75% of Music Listeners streaming and 64% streaming via free services.

To learn more, including which are the most popular streaming services, which demographic groups within Japan are most likely to sign up to streaming platforms, what other genres of music are popular in Japan, and much more download the sneak preview below.

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