Nero Billboard Studio

Nero during an interview at the Billboard Studio in New York City.

The U.K. electronic act follow up debut album 'Welcome Reality' with 'Between II Worlds' after four years.

Grammy-winning band Nero has made admirable strides since the release of their debut album Welcome Reality back in 2011 and is currently at the forefront of the electronic music scene with a follow-up album and a headlining tour in session.

Nero Releases Highly Anticipated Second Album 'Between II Worlds'

The trio’s live show has paid off with the formal addition of singer Alana Watson, whose velvety voice lights up the stage and blankets the group’s sophomore LP Between II Worlds.

Billboard interviewed the highly acclaimed act, touching on their tour, album and ambitions for the future. In regards to the making of their recent album, Daniel Stephens reflects, “The more we kind of thought about the success or what people wanted, we realized that was just not going to help get the creative process going.”

Nero Aims to Shift From Dance Act to Live Electronic Band on Second Album

Between II Worlds echoes their concert configuration where they switch between a live band formation and club setup behind CDJs. While the electronic act has translated their musical expertise to the big screen, having been a part of The Great Gatsby soundtrack, they hope to expand those efforts by scoring a film in its entirety.

They are currently on the last leg of their North American tour and are concluding their escapades on Halloween at HARD Day of the Dead in Pomona, Calif.