7 Times Taylor Swift Blew Swifties’ Minds With Super Thoughtful Gifts

There’s a very good reason Taylor Swift has such a strong bond with her fans. What makes that connection even fiercer is that not only do they show her all their love by snatching up every single, album and T-shirt the second it’s available, but she sometimes pays that adoration forward via surprise gift boxes that delight and fill their hearts.



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Check out seven times that Taylor was totally present for her fans:

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Swift’s most recent unexpected prezzie bundle went out to a precocious grade schooler named Emmy, who simply wanted Swift to answer a few questions as part of her ongoing “7 Questions With Emmy” challenge.

In classic Taylor fashion, she responded with a box bursting with swag that included a bundle of T-shirts, copies of the quarantine Folklore and Evermore CDs, a handwritten note. There was also a coloring book, journal, hairbands and scrunchies, a beanie, water bottle and a sweatshirt. Who does that?!

PhD … Oohh No Way!

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Andy Mooney was psyched when he completed his PhD studies in 2020. That was enough of an accomplishment, but what he never saw coming was a personal congratulations from Swift. He shared a picture of the super-sweet note the singer mailed him with the header, “Sent with love and hugs from the desk of Taylor Swift — Songwriter/ Feline Enthusiast.”

The note, which came after Andy’s best friend reached out to Swift’s camp, read: “Andy, someone told me you’re about to finish your PhD! I wanted to congratulate you on this incredible accomplishment and to applaud you for all the hard work you’ve put into our studies. This is EPIC!! I saw how supportive you’ve been of my music over the years and was so touched. Thank you so much. I’m also so proud of you for the bravery you’ve shown in your personal life, choosing to live and love honestly even when it isn’t easy.”

He was super touched, writing on Instagram, “Thank you @taylorswift for taking the time to write such a beautiful message. You have been an inspiration to me for so many years and I can’t put into words how much this means to me. You have changed my life.”

Oh, and, of course, the note came with a signed vinyl copy of Swift’s Lover album, a gang of merch, and a cardigan like the one she wore in the “Cardigan” video.

You Get a House!

T-shirt bundles and personal notes are one thing, but in 2018, a Swiftie revealed that the singer went way beyond when pregnant fan Stephanie — who was homeless for much of her pregnancy and whose partner lost his job — got a special backstage visit at a 2015 U.K. show after her mom sent the singer a note describing her daughter’s struggles.

“After the show Taylor took us back to her dressing room where she told me, ‘Stephanie, you’ve been in my life for a long time and you’ve never asked me for anything. You could have reached out and I would have helped you. But you didn’t. [Your] mum told me,’” Stephanie recalled. “She told me she wanted to give me the money back for my ticket that night. What she actually did was help us buy a home and all I needed for my baby. She told me, ‘I want you to be able to enjoy your little girl, not have to worry about all this stuff.’”


A Personal Visit

English superfan Lara got a hand-delivered surprise in 2017 when Swift joined her Instagram Live and then followed up with a package stuffed with Reputation T-shirts, sweatshirts and other swag, including a shot of them together after Tay visited her house.

‘Lurk’ and Ye Shall Receive

As part of the most wonderful tradition of the year, Swift did her own version of “Tay-lurking” and studied where some fans lived, worked and what brought them joy and after commenting on their socials with the Santa emoji and then posting handpicked gifts with personalized letters in 2015. The reactions were — of course — priceless, including one from a mom and her young son who got a hand-delivered box.

Merry Swiftmas!

Back in 2014, Taylor sent huge packages of early Christmas presents to fans, with 32 lucky Tumblr followers receiving FedEx boxes, and promptly posting unboxing videos of what they referred to as “Swiftmas.”

One fan, 16-year-old Rebecca Cox of Michigan, came home to find a 31-pound FedEx box on her doorstep with items individually wrapped in glittery, embossed paper. They included a 2014 London Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show duffel bag stuffed with exclusive merchandise, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Polaroid camera with four packs of film and picture frames, bath and beauty products from Australia, Brandy Melville apparel, a large stuffed animal fox, blankets, throw pillows, candles, $200-worth of gift cards and a Christmas sweater.

Bonus Bridesmaid

It’s one thing to send goodies, but a whole different vibe when Taylor makes a personal appearance. In the spring of 2014, she did just that when she crashed fan Gena Gabrielle’s bridal shower in Columbus, Ohio, to surprise the bride-to-be and shower her with gifts. The two had previously met in 2007 in a meet-and-greet line at a Swift show, and before Gena’s big day, the singer pulled up with a hand-painted original watercolor, a KitchenAid mixer and home-baked cookies, which came with the Tay’s personal recipe.