Griff & Maisie Peters Recreate Taylor Swift’s ‘Exile’ in Just One Hour

Pop singer Griff shared the fifth episode of her “Against the Clock” YouTube series, where she has “1 hour to create, reproduce and reinvent a song.” This time, she called on Maisie Peters to join the challenge.

The duo, who “established that we’re both Taylor Swift stans,” originally planned on a mash-up of songs from the superstar before starting the clock. Things are off to a good start until they are more than halfway through the challenge, realizing that they might have bit off more than they can chew.



Taylor Swift

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See latest videos, charts and news

“My chaotic vision!” Peters shouts, before Griff explains, “We’ve gone from key change, tempo change, we’re going to do ‘Fearless,’ then we’re going to do ‘White Horse.’ Now, we’re scrapping ‘White Horse’ and now we’re speeding it up even more.”


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Unfortunately, they ran out of time before they finished production, and flawlessly improvised the final performance, an angelic rendition of Folklore‘s “Exile.”

Update: Swift took to Twitter to commend the cover, writing, “’m a huge fan of these two already but seeing them create magic in the studio together just makes me even more excited to hear what they do in the future – absolutely love this, what a gift.”

Peters replied, “Wtf thank u … evermore is my favourite album of yours ur my biggest inspiration thank u.”

Watch it all go down below.