TWICE Talks ‘TT’ Video, Sings Chorus A Cappella: Exclusive

With bright smiles and addictive electropop music, TWICE makes winning over K-pop fans look easy. The group has released two smash hits since its debut last October and is set to find success again with its latest single “TT,” fresh off of new EP TWICEcoaster: Lane 1.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Released on Oct. 23 (Oct. 24 in South Korea), “TT” is an energetic pop song with heavy electronic influences and steady snare beats. In a special bilingual greeting video to Billboard’s readers, TWICE explains that the song is meant to relate to the pounding of a girl’s heart as she falls in love.

Watch the nine ladies of TWICE introduce the song and perform a short a cappella rendition of its chorus below.

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Aligned with the season, the music video for “TT” features jack-o-lanterns and some adorable trick-or-treaters who encounter the members of TWICE donning a variety of costumes, ranging from Victorian brides and fairytale creatures to superheroes and devils. Even though the clip’s choreography revolves around the members imitating the “T_T” crying emoji, there’s a quick throwback to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” dance in the video, too. The video ends with a “To Be Continued” message, hinting to the album’s sequential nature.

TWICE’s previous music videos are each nearing 100 million views, with “Like Ooh-Ahh” at around 95 million views and “Cheer Up” at about 90 million. American fans were able to fall for TWICE firsthand earlier this year, when the group made its U.S. debut with a performance at KCON LA.


“TT” is one of the seven tracks off of the group’s EP TWICEcoaster: Lane 1, which comes on the heels of the group’s April release, Page Two, currently the best-selling album in Korea from any girl group this year. The new EP follows a recent trend in the K-pop industry of releasing an album series; TWICE’s lablemates GOT7 recently topped the World Album chart with the second of their Flight Log albums.

Watch TWICE’s “TT” video below.