Video For TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Debut Single ‘Crown’ Viewed Over 15 Million Times In First 24 Hours

New K-pop boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER have made history with one of the best 24-hour debuts of Korean music videos on YouTube ever.

The latest act from Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS, the quintet, also known as TXT, premiered “Crown” on Monday (March 4), and within 24 hours it racked up 15.1 million views. YouTube tells Billboard that the animation-enhanced video is the 10th best-ever 24-hour premiere from a Korean artist that the site has ever seen.




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See latest videos, charts and news

“Crown” is also the best first day showing ever from a debut track of any Korean male artist on YouTube. ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla,” released in February, currently holds the overall record with 17.1 million day-of debut views.

BTS currently holds the top ranking for release day views among Korean artists, with last year’s “IDOL” recording 45.9 million views in its first 24-hour period. According to a ranking provided by YouTube of the fastest-achieving day-of-release music videos from Korean artists, all but Psy’s “Gentleman,” which was released in 2013, came out no earlier than 2017.

According to YouTube, these are the 10 fastest K-pop music video debuts of all-time, as of March 7, 2019:

1. BTS, “Idol”  (2018) – 45.9 M

2. BLACKPINK‘s – “(DDU-DU DDU-DU)” (2018) – 36.2M

3. Psy, “Gentelman” (2013) – 36M

4. BTS, “Fake Love” (2018) – 35.9M

5. Twice, “Yes or Yes” M/V (2018) – 31.4M

6. BTS, “DNA” (2017) – 22.3M

7. Twice, “Dance The Night Away” (2018) – 19.6M

8. ITZY, “Dalla Dalla” (2019) – 17.1M

9. Jennie, “Solo” M/V (2018) – 16.1M

10. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Crown” (2019) – 15.1M