Jay Park to Be Honored at Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Inaugural Gala

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center will honor hip-hop and R&B artist Jay Park and jazz band Hiroshima at its inaugural celebration, The Party, the center announced Monday (April 22).

Park will be awarded the Game Changer Award for his work as an artist, songwriter, choreographer and entrepreneur. Grammy-nominated band Hiroshima will be honored at the event with the Legend Award in Music. In addition to music, the center will also recognize contributions in other categories including sports and culinary arts.

“The Party will celebrate the indelible contributions of Asian Pacific Americans to the American experience,” said Lisa Sasaki, the director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. “From music to technology, sports to entertainment, these modern history makers inspire Americans of every ethnicity, religion and socioeconomic background by demolishing barriers and challenging timeworn stereotypes with their talents, perseverance, and ingenuity.”


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“A lot of the things I do go unnoticed so I’m honored to receive an award and have my efforts be acknowledged, especially at such a prestigious location,” Park told Billboard. “I appreciate everybody that’s supported me and will continue to keep pushing. I will also put on a lit performance.” 

As part of the celebration, the event will also launch the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Keystone Initiative and help fundraise for the first permanent Asian Pacific American Gallery within the Smithsonian.

The Party will take place May 18 in Los Angeles and will feature performances from Park and Hiroshima.