Poppy and Diplo Celebrate the Robot Takeover On ‘Time Is Up’: Watch

The way we’re treating this planet, humans don’t really seem to have much of a future. We continue to pollute the air, seas and Earth, even our own bodies with chemicals that we know are carcinogenic. Truly, it seems our “Time Is Up.” Good thing we’ve created robots to replace us.


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See latest videos, charts and news

Why not set that fun message to a funky electronic beat and dance to our demise? That’s what Mad Decent signee Poppy did for her latest single, out today (Aug. 22). She also got label head Diplo to provide the robotic beat.

It’s got hints of Daft Punk and Gary Numan all over it, two artists who quite famously explore the divides and bridges between humanity and our mechanized creations. It actually is a really fun song, even if the lyrics will have you a bit sick with the “aw, geez”-es. The story grows in the music video as Poppy takes on the role of robot overlord. She’s on display like the latest Apple gadget, but soon, she becomes a living god, administering the Eucharist of digital awakening to her loyal followers – or is that poison?


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“Time Is Up” is a taste of things to come on Poppy’s forthcoming studio album Am I A Girl? The album also features Grimes, another singer not afraid to veer toward science fiction.

Ask yourself the hard questions and dance while you do it with “Time Is Up” below.