Loona Unveil Latest Mini-Album and Ask ‘Why Not?’ in Fierce New Music Video: Watch

Loona debuted the electrifying music video for their new single “Why Not?” on Tuesday (Oct. 20) to celebrate the release of their third mini-album [12:00].

In the celestial visual, the K-pop girl group dances on the surface of the moon, skipping in circles around a fire as the Earth looms behind them.

“A dark night again/ My square-shaped room/ I feel trapped in it again/ That’s when I knocked on the window/ And the moonlight shines on me/ This feeling that wraps around me/ Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah/ Let’s pump it up,” they sing and rap on the pre-chorus before launching into choreography in what appears to be a ransacked grocery store. (Translation of English lyrics courtesy of Genius.)

The girls later return to Earth to float through fields filled with levitating orbs, dance on ceilings rimmed in neon and joyfully run through clouds of colorful chalk.

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The shapeshifting track serves as the lead single for the group’s new eight-track LP, whose numeric title is read as “midnight” and also includes danceable highlights like “Star,” “Oops!” and “Hide and Seek.”

The project also marks the 12-piece’s first release without leader HaSeul, who stepped away from the album cycle to focus on her health, as confirmed by the group’s label Blockberry Creative.

[12:00] follows EP [#] as Loona’s second studio set of 2020, the latter of which peaked at No. 4 on Billboard’s World Albums chart upon its release in February.

Watch the space-y video for “Why Not?” below.