Justin Bieber‘s Comedy Central roast will not include jokes about late actor Paul Walker, a Comedy Central spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Roasts often push the limits of good taste and we give the participants full reign to try things knowing we have the edit to shape the show,” the spokesperson said. “Sometimes the line is discovered by crossing it. The Paul Walker references will not be in the telecast.”

Justin Bieber on His Comedy Central Roast: ‘I Want to Be Able to Laugh at Myself’

Of all the knee-slapping, jaw-dropping moments at the March 14 taping in Culver City (the show airs March 30), those about The Fast and Furious star, who died Nov. 30, 2013, in a car crash, landed with a thud. After the show, a source tells THR, rapper Ludacris was incensed. And no wonder: He and Walker were friends and fellow cast-members on the Furious films.

Among the jokes, comedian Jeff Ross connected Bieber’s driving skills to that of Walker, cracking, “‘Move bitch, get out of the way!’ is what Paul Walker should’ve told that tree. Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?”

A visibly offended Ludacris even motioned to cut at one point during the taping.

Asked after the roast if the Walker jokes went too far, Ross deflected, telling THR, “I was so in the moment, I don’t know what jokes hit.”

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.