Listen to Gramatik and Kotek’s ‘Vitalik Buterin’ Inspired by Blockchain and Vitalik: Exclusive

Digital currency is all the rage, and a lot of artists are starting their own bitcoin spin-offs, but Gramatik takes the title as the first musician to tokenize himself. He launched GRMTK in November of 2017, but he’s not done being inspired by the new financial wave. His latest track “Vitalik Buterin,” in collaboration with Kotek, is a wild, textural exploration of sounds both digital and organic dedicated to the man who created the digital currency called Ethereum.




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See latest videos, charts and news

“‘Vitalik Buterin’ is a tribute to the founder of Ethereum and basically the sequel to ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ except this time around, Kotek and I decided to make it an instrumental journey,” Gramatik says in an emailed statement. “The song changes 5 times and keeps evolving beginning to end which is meant to symbolize the different stages of development and evolution of Ethereum and its ecosystem. We had so much fun making this tune and we sincerely hope that Vitalik likes it.”


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It’s a layered, bass-heavy track full of percussive sounds and wailing electric guitar. It’s got a neo-noir feel to it and a little bit of funky swing.

“I first met Gramatik in 2016 after remixing his track “Anima Mundi,” Kotek says in an emailed statement. “I had been a fan of his music for a long time, so I was honored to learn that he liked what I was doing. I sent him an Idea, hoping we might make a track together. After a couple iterations, we ended up with something that went far beyond anything I ever thought I would have been capable of two years ago. It was a pleasure working with and learning from a legend like Gramatik, and this track is a milestone for me that proves you can turn dreams into reality.”

Gramatik will be headlining Red Rocks on Sept. 1 with support from Gryffin, Haywyre and more. “Vitalik Buterin” sees full release Friday, Aug. 24, on Lowtemp Records, but you can listen to it in full today, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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