These 8 Celebrity Doppelgangers on TikTok Will Have You Seeing Double

Not only has TikTok given the social media world a slew of new dance challenges that skyrocket song streams, the app has also shed light on the world’s celebrity doppelgängers.   

That’s right, some users have gained millions of followers on the platform, simply because they look like some of today’s biggest stars. From Billie Eilish to Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande, you can find their apparent long lost siblings singing along to their look-alike’s songs.   

See below for eight TikTokers whose resemblance to celebrities are so uncanny, it’s really, really hard to tell the difference.   


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1. A Starbucks barista named Sean

Ladies, there are officially two Harry Styles out there. TikTok user @fridasakaj uploaded a video of her and her friends rolling up to the window at a Starbucks drive-thru, when a young man who is literally the spitting image of the former One Direction crooner pops his head out to give them their drinks.   

The group, who were already listening to Styles’ “Adore You” when they got to the window, informed him of his resemblance to the star. “Thanks,” he monotonously replied, as he’s clearly heard the comparison hundreds of times before.

“You cannot tell me that’s not Harry Styles,” Frida wrote in the caption, and we couldn’t agree more.  

2. Paige Neimann

The TikTok star, who currently has more than 4 million followers on the app, has caused a bit of division among Ariana Grande fans for her uncanny resemblance to the pop star. 

While some were shocked at how Neimann could easily replace Ari at her concert and no one would notice, others attacked the social media sensation for how much she tries to be someone she’s not. Grande even noticed a video of Neimann recreating a Victorious scene in Ari’s characteristic winged eyeliner and ponytail. 

“i just wonder whyyyy the cat voice / dialogue,” the “thank u, next” songstress tweeted with a crying emoji. “i am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s [definitely] bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.”

3. Celina Sharma

This Camila Cabello look-alike isn’t from Havana, but rather from down under. The Australian singer has played into all the comments pointing out that her bone structure, coloring, lips and eyes are eerily similar to the songstress, and she’s shared a number of TikToks singing along to Cabello’s music or joking that she’s Shawmila’s offspring.

4. Alyssa McKay

McKay‘s big blue eyes and long blonde locks have us thinking we’re looking at Dove Cameron’s personal TikTok account. Like the other doppelgangers on the app, she’s shared a number of videos paying tribute to her long lost sister, acting out Cameron’s scenes from Liv & Maddie and more.

5. Raiven

This TikTok star’s pout, nose and “ocean eyes” really make her look like Billie Eilish. Hopping on the “Mix Song” trend from a few weeks ago, Raiven dubbed herself as a blend of Eilish, Amanda Seyfried and Lil Xan. She has also posted a number of other videos responding to comments comparing her to the “bad guy” singer.

6. Brendan Rodatz

If you were to blend Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes, you’d get Brendan Rodatz. The TikToker has Jonas’ face on Mendes’ bone structure and hair, and he’s well aware of the resemblance. Like Raiven, he also uploaded his version of the “Mix Song” trend, blending the two stars together to get his look.

7. Vampy Jordan

This TikToker knows how much his cheekbones, hairstyle and facial features look like Johnny Depp’s, so he’s basically turned his account into a Depp appreciation site. Vampy Jordan is constantly uploading videos reenacting Jack Sparrow scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, or just dressing like the popular actor in general.

9. María

Hermione Granger, is that you? TikTok user @maresclop looks so much like Emma Watson, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference when their photos are put side-by-side. Since garnering popularity for how much she looks like the actress, she’s shared a number of clips decked in her Gryffindor uniform, reciting some of Harry Potter‘s most popular scenes.