The 15 Best Martin Garrix Songs

What makes Martin Garrix so good is his unerring boldness to be himself. He hit the big stages of the EDM world at 17. He catapulted into the spotlight on the back of ballsy productions that had huge names dropping his jams and stepping into his studio. He was signed to Spinnin’ Records and anointed prince on the path to big-room success — and then, he took a hard left.


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Being signed to one of the biggest labels in the dance music industry wasn’t his dream. His dream is to make music that speaks from the heart. He left Spinnin’ and formed his own STMPD RCRDS. He took control of his sound and his destiny and continues to explore a wide range of styles and influences, unhampered by what he should or shouldn’t do. He’s a multifaceted musician, and this is our list of the 10 best Martin Garrix songs.


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15. Martin Garrix – “Now That I’ve Found You” (feat. John & Michel)

“Now That I’ve Found You” marked a big moment for Martin Garrix. It was a new beginning for the young star who was leaving his Spinnin’ family in order to build one of his own. This was his debut release on STMPD Records.

14. Martin Garrix – “The Only Way Is Up” (with Tiesto)

You get to work with Tiesto and 7-Up, then you get to board a speedboat and film a music video in Miami. You’re not even 20 years old. That’s momentum most people can’t even imagine. Of course, the only way is up.

13. Martin Garrix – “Proxy”

“Proxy” is one of Martin Garrix’s earliest works and carries a memorable pluck-based synth that’s gradually overlaid with atmospheric pads. This dainty melody quickly evolves into a big room lead that consumes you all at once. “Put your hands up” are the words preceding its booming drop. We suggest you listen.

12. Martin Garrx – “Virus” (with MOTI)

Let’s throw it back to Garrix’s days at Spinnin’ Records where the DJ/producer made his start and gained his initial stardom. When “Virus” dropped, it spread across the festival circuit just like its title and commanded the crowd with its fervent energy.

11. Martin Garrix – “Oops”

This is a real feel-good jam. It drips with innocence and features a host of video-gamy elements that just warm the cockles of my 8-bit heart. A pure and original Martin Garrix song, it showcases the budding artist’s ability to melt varied influences into his own kaleidoscopic vision.

10. Martin Garrix – “Set Me Free” (with Dillon Francis)

Dillon Francis is a merry prankster. Martin Garrix is a fresh-faced youth. We can only imagine how much fun these dudes had writing this wonky, texture-driven sonic free-for-all. Equally wild and structured, “Set Me Free” has a heavy groove and a music video that is truly and awesomely bizarre.

9. Martin Garrix – Wizard (with Jay Hardway)

Martin Garrix teamed up with his good friend Jay Hardway for “Wizard”, a 2013 release that was one of the first tracks to put his name on the map. The song leads with a spooky melody that contains similiar elements to that of his viral record “Animals”.

8. Martin Garrix – There For You (with Troye Sivan)

Martin Garrix had big shoes to fill following the success of “In The Name Of Love” and “Scared To Be Lonely”. The Dutch superstar tapped Troye Sivan for “There For You” and the result is a warm, future bass production with a vocal chop hook that’s hard to resist.

7. Martin Garrix – “Don’t Look Down” feat. Usher

None other than Usher provides the soulful vocal on this bright and hopeful summery jam. It’s designed to have crowds of thousands reaching for the stars by the time the massive drums kick the chorus to life. It’s not as aggressive as “Animals,” but it still has plenty of big room flair.

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6. “Gold Skies” (with Sander Van Doorn, DVBBS and Aleesia)

“Gold Skies” is a real group effort, featuring the artistry of Sander van Doorn, DVBBS, and vocals from Aleesia. Each voice mixes into a blend of youthful energy and time-proven rhythm-writing tactics.

5. Martin Garrix – “Forbidden Voices”

Inspired by Garrix’s own dreams come true, “Forbidden Voices” is both stylistically and metaphorically the young artist’s sweetest song to date. The video features footage of the DJ working toward his goal from a small child to the ruddy-faced youth we recognize today. He went to Ultra Miami as a fan, the next year he played the main stage. That’s the stuff of fairy tales, and so is this Martin Garrix song.

4. Martin Garrix – “Tremor” (with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike)

Belgian big-room duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike team up with Garrix to deliver a face-smashing, festival-dominating beat. “Tremor” is boot-stomp ready, the kind of track you drop under dark skies as flames rise from either side of the multi-colored stage. Epic, indeed.

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3. Martin Garrix& Dua Lipa – “Scared to be Lonely” 

?There’s strength in the subtlety on this hit. The drop is warm with future bass vibes, while sparse percussion lends a steady beat. Dua Lipa’s soulful vocals are a beautiful co-star to Garrix’ pop-ready production.

2. Martin Garrix – “Animals”

You never forget your first, and when it’s a hit so big even deadmau5 has gotta do a parody, neither does the rest of the world. “Animals” ushered in a new dance era and crowned the then-17-year-old leader of the new school. It’s big, brash and infectious, everything a festival anthem should be. It still sounds dope so many years later, even if Garrix has learned to encompass a variety of other sounds and emotions.

1. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – “In the Name of Love” 

Bebe Rexha sounds rosy-cheeked with earnest passion on this latest Garrix hit. It’s his most understated production to date, hinting at all the Flume he tells Billboard he’s listened to lately. His guitar rhythms build the energy in a manner so different from his bombastic festival breakouts. We love the evolution of his sound, and so do fans, as “In the Name of Love” became the first Martin Garrix song to return to the Billboard Hot 100 since “Animals.”