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Spotlight On Music Fans In Mexico

MRC Data is focusing attention on music fans in Latin America, taking a deep dive into the biggest music markets across the continent, including Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.  In a new study released today looking at music’s role in Mexico, it was revealed that 89% of online consumers in Mexico (ages 13+) engaged with music over the past year.  When breaking down genre listenership, Mexican Pop is the most popular followed closely by Mexican Rock and Latin American Pop.

This survey, conducted among online consumers also highlights that streaming in Mexico is hugely popular with 94% of music listeners streaming music and almost 50% of music listeners paying to stream.  And not surprisingly, 3 in 4 music listeners use their smartphone to listen to music.  See how this compares to the other countries MRC Data has studied during the pandemic (Spain, France, Japan, U.S.).

To learn more, including which are the most popular streaming services, the role short video clip sites like TikTok play in music discovery, how livestream/virtual events fit in once in-person events return, and much more download the sneak preview below.

*Note: Mexico Music 360 2021 was conducted via an online survey. The sample is representative of online consumers and does not include those who do not have access to the internet.

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