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Music is Alive in Brazil: New Insights Released About Music Fans in Brazil

In a new study taking a closer look at music fans in Brazil, it was revealed that 88% of online consumers in Brazil engage with music and nearly all music listeners stream music with almost half utilizing premium services. This report, which is part of a larger series focusing on the biggest music markets in Latin America, also uncovered that music fans listen to a mix of new and older genres like Pop, Brazilian Traditional, Soundtrack, and Brazilian Pop.

Like most countries struggling with the pandemic and lockdowns, social media has become central to discovering new artists, songs, and genres.  In Brazil, 58% of music listeners discover music on social media/short video clip sites (e.g. TikTok).  See how this compares to the other countries MRC Data has studied during the pandemic (Spain, France, Japan, U.S, Mexico).

To learn more, including positive signs for the return to live events, the popularity of music competition shows among online consumers, and much more, download the sneak preview below.

*Note: Brazil Music 360 2021 was conducted via an online survey. The sample is representative of online consumers and does not include those who do not have access to the internet.

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