Kip Moore
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After his first album Up All Night -- country’s top-selling debut in 2012 and home to hit single “Somethin’ ’Bout a Truck” -- singer Kip Moore is ready to reclaim his glory with sophomore set Wild Ones (Aug. 21, MCA Nashville). The Tifton, Ga., native, 35, co-wrote all of the album’s tracks, inspired by memories of fishing trips with dad, classic grunge, Coldplay and, of course, Bruce.

Bob Seger Night Moves

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First Album I Bought 
Bob SegerNight Moves (1976) 
“I started making my own money by working on my dad’s golf course, with the maintenance crew. I’d ride around and listen to this while I was cutting grass.”

Bob Seger Against The Wind

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One of Dad’s Faves
Bob Seger, Against the Wind (1980)
“I remember being a kid and hearing that a million times on fishing trips. Even though I couldn’t relate to one damn bit of it, it always felt powerful.”

Pearl Jam Ten

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My Grunge Phase
Pearl Jam, Ten (1991) 
“I got really into Pearl Jam as a kid, too. I’ve always been drawn to the singers that had desperation in their voices. You could feel it in those records, laid out for you, every ounce of pain.”

Bruce Springsteen with Steve Van Zandt

Bruce Springsteen with Steve Van Zandt perform with the E Street Band, December 8, 2007 in Forum in Copenhagen, during his world tour to promote his new album Magic. NILS MEILVANG/AFP/Getty Images

Show That Blew My Mind 
Bruce Springsteen’s Magic Tour (2007) 
“It gave me a true spiritual connection to what’s going on -- that jolt I needed to get to that next phase of writing.”

Mary Was The Marrying Kind 2008

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Song That Got Me Signed 
"Mary Was the Marrying Kind" (2008) 
“The label showed up at a gig that I was doing. The whole crowd was singing that song. That was what made them go, ‘OK, we’ve got something.’ "

Somethin' Bout a Truck

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My Breakthrough Hit
"Somethin’ ’Bout a Truck” (2012)
“It made you go, ‘Damn, what is the deal with this guy?’ That’s what made people discover [Up All Night] -- that’s when they became fans.”

Coldplay Ghost Stories

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My Current Inspiration
Coldplay, Ghost Stories (2014) 
“I had an insomnia problem for the last two years. [This] put me in a tranquil state at night, and kind of saved my life, to be honest. Some of that played into Wild Ones.” 

This story originally appeared in the Sept. 5 issue of Billboard.