Clint Michigan Releases Animated Video For Reflective Track ‘Centuries’: Watch

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Clint Michigan has revealed a video for the title track of his latest album, Centuries. The clip was animated by Chris Tucci, who has previously collaborated with Regina Spektor.

“Sometimes it wasn’t up to me/With the older men I’d meet/It feels old because it is/And it clings to me for centuries,” Michigan sings on the track. He explained that the lyrics reflect on his experiences as a young, gay man in Wyoming and Montana.


“I thought I knew what I was doing, I felt invincible but I often found myself in adult situations that were beyond my scope of experience,” Michigan tells Billboard. “In essence, the song is the culmination of these experiences, searching for validation and connection while exploring my sexuality without role models or protectors. This song, and this album is an acknowledgment to my younger self who did the best that he could with limited resources.”

Centuries is Michigan’s second release on Kiam Records. The album explores his experiences with addiction, recovery, body image and HIV.

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Michigan will perform at Union Hall (July 14) and Wonders of Nature (August 14) in Brooklyn.

Watch the video for “Centuries” below: