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A stalemate over Russia's participation in this year's Eurovision song contest continues as the organizer, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), is trying to broker a compromise solution.

The EBU's suggestion that Russian participant, Yulia Samoilova, banned from entering Ukraine, perform live via satellite, has satisfied neither side.

"We find the offer of a remote participation odd and refuse it, for it is going absolutely against the very essence of the event, one of the rules of which reads that the song should be performed live on the stage," Channel One, a Russian network in charge of selecting Eurovision participants, said in a statement sent to Billboard.

The network added, "We believe that the European Broadcasting Union shouldn’t invent new rules for the Russian entrant in 2017 and is capable to hold the contest in accordance with its own order."

According to Channel One, the travel ban on Samoilova "breaks the rules of the contest."

Ukraine, which is hosting this year's edition of the contest in May, would not go for the proposal, either.

"A [satellite] broadcast of Samoilova's performance by Ukrainian networks would violate the Ukrainian law just the same as her entry into Ukraine," Vyacheslav Kirilenko, Ukraine's deputy prime minister, said on his Twitter account.

Last week, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) banned the wheelchair-bound Samoilova, 27, from entering the country for three years over her 2015 performance in Crimea, a peninsular region annexed by Russia from Ukraine three years ago.

"Russia can resolve the issue by entering a participant who does not have problems with the Ukrainian law," Kirilenko was quoted as saying by news agency RIA Novosti.

But Russian officials have repeatedly said that Samoilova won't be replaced with another contestant.

Meanwhile, Frank-Dieter Freiling, the chairman of the Eurovision Song Contest reference group, was quoted by Der Tagesspiegel as saying that "the EBU will continue to ensure that Russia can participate in the show."