Tower Records in 1970

Los Angeles' Tower Records in 1970

Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures/All Things Must Pass

When a record store is iconic enough to still have name recognition among millennials, it can only be Tower Records. As the saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, which couldn't be truer for Tower Records. The famed record store was a staple in the music industry in the late 20th century, but by 2006, Tower Records had filed for bankruptcy. The upcoming documentary All Things Must Pass aims to explain just what happened.

Elton John Shopped There and Dave Grohl Worked There: Behind Colin Hanks' New Tower Records Doc

The film, directed by Colin Hanks, looks beyond the fall-back idea that Internet killed the record store and follows the rebellious beginnings and heartbreaking demise. The documentary also offers insight into another integral part of Tower Records: Its unique founder, Russell Solomon.

Solomon also narrates the movie. In an exclusive clip from the movie, Bob Delanoy and Steve Nikkel -- longtime employees of the store -- discuss just how integral Tower Records had become to the music industry by its peak. 

The documentary premieres Oct. 16.

Tower Records in 1970

Los Angeles' Tower Records in 1970Courtesy