If the best comedy contains a grain of truth, then a satirical sketch on last night's Colbert Report on the surfeit of indie rock bands licensing their music to TV commercials was like a documentary.

The skit (video below) featured the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig engaging in a "sellout off," in which both of the heavily-licensed rock bands played clips of commercials featuring their songs. Before the competition, which centered around the two bands vying for a 2010 Best Alternative Music Album Grammy, the faux political pundit instructed both bands to "leave your souls at the door."

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The Black Keys opened with a Zales commercial backed by "Girls on My Mind." Vampire Weekend's Koenig responded with his band's ubiquitous Honda ad featuring the jaunty track "Holiday," which is also featured in a Tommy Hilfiger ad running concurrently with the car commercial. The Ohio rock duo answered with a Victoria Secret commercial (also with "Girl on My Mind.") to which the host exclaimed he never thought "breasts needed accompaniment." Koenig responded with a Hewlitt-Packard ad with the song "A-Punk" and the Black Keys offered up a Sony Ericsson ad.

Colbert, at the end of the competition, concluded both artists had "equally whored out [their] music."