American Federation of Musicians Supports AFTRA In Negotiations With Record Labels
American Federation of Musicians Supports AFTRA In Negotiations With Record Labels

The American Federation of Musicians has come out in support of AFTRA in the latter's rocky negotiations with the record labels.

"The AFM supports our AFTRA brothers and sisters in their effort to reach a fair agreement with the sound recording industry," said the organization in an exclusive statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

AFTRA 'Very Frustrated' With Record Labels as Union Inches Toward Strike Vote (Exclusive)

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As THR previously reported, AFTRA is "very frustrated" with the pace of negotiations with the major record labels and over the weekend took the step of inching towards a strike posture. The actual likelihood of a strike is unknown, but AFTRA's constitution requires a 75% affirmative vote, of those voting, in order to authorize a strike.

The union's existing agreement with the labels expires December 31, but AFTRA's sound recording deals are usually reached three or four months out. That's not happened this time, despite three weeks of meetings so far.

An additional day of talks are scheduled for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, AFM's own sound recording labor agreement expired in January of this year. Negotiations with the industry began in January and will resume later this month.

The two unions have complementary jurisdiction in the recording field: AFTRA represents recording artists such as singers, whereas AFM represents musicians and certain others.