Bonnaroo tickets are selling very strong out of the gate, up about 20% over last year's pace, according to Jonathan Mayers, president of Superfly Presents, co-producers of Bonnaroo with A.C. Entertainment.

Tickets went on sale last Friday after a limited pre-sale with no acts announced went up late last year. The festival is set for June 14-17 on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tenn.

The 2007 Bonnnaroo lineup, with headliners the Police, Tool, and Widespread Panic among the 100 or so artists to play, has been well received, Mayers says.

"We think the lineup is definitely as strong as it has ever been," Mayers tells "Each year is different, depending upon one's particular tastes, but I think this year holds up well compared to previous years. We've gotten nothing but great feedback."

The Police, in a tour produced by TNA International, have sold out 16 of 16 shows on sale for a total of 415,000 tickets so far, and seem to have added some real juice to the Bonnaroo bill. "The Police are definitely a special artist to have on the Bonnaroo lineup, no doubt about it," says Mayers.

"It's going to be one of their more unique plays on this tour, and I think for a lot of the fans it's going to be one of the most economical ways to go see them, considering the [Bonnaroo] ticket price and all the other bands on the bill."

For the Police, Bonnaroo was a nice fit as the only festival on the route. "[Bonnaroo] fell at the right time as we were sketching together what we were going to do," says TNA president Arthur Fogel. "My initial thought was this could be exciting, and everybody was of the same mind. It's an established, cool festival, and it just makes sense."

Bonnaroo tickets are tiered at $125 (for the advance tickets with no acts announced), $184.50, $199.50 and $214.50. All tickets for the first three levels are sold out.

Bonnaroo tickets did increase this year, but Mayers says, "We continue to invest in and improve upon the event, so we have to take that into account when looking at the ticket price. But we are very conscious of trying to be a 'deal' in the scope of ticket prices, and we will continue to be price-sensitive."