The inaugural Vineland Festival, originally scheduled for Aug. 8-10 in Vineland, N.J., has been moved to early summer 2009. Producers C3 Presents and Festival Republic made the change in response to the overall festival traffic in the Northeast and major bands touring through this area at the same time.

"We had to get our egos in check and say, let's do the smart decision, get off these dates, and go for an isolated (date) so we can build this thing without having to look over our shoulders," C3 partner Charles Attal tells "We don't want to be compared to all the other festivals and who's playing where. We want to build this thing right, organically, from the ground up."

Last week, Coachella producers Goldenvoice/AEG Live announced the inaugural
All Points West festival at Liberty Park just across from lower Manhattan in New Jersey, and another large Northeastern festival is also believed to be targeting that weekend. In a Dec. 15 Billboard article, agents and festival producers alike expressed concern that saturation could harm the burgeoning festival market.

C3, which also stages Lollapalooza in Chicago and the Austin City Limits Music Festival, seems to be standing by that position. "For us to do well in the long term, the overall festival business has to do well, not just us," says C3 partner Charlie Walker. "Going in with three festivals on the same weekend and all of us not doing as well as we could have if weren't all there didn't make sense for the business. We were willing to move to a date where we could get off by ourselves, and I think there's enough population base up there for us all to succeed in a calendar year. We just can't all be piled up."

Attal stresses that agents had not been exploiting the situation by creating bid competition between each festival and driving up talent costs. He says the agencies have supported the move. "No one wants us to go out of business on a festival," he says "They want us to be there for 10 years so they can keep funneling bands to us."

Festival Republic head Melvin Benn and the partners at C3 Presents are spending more time in the city of Vineland, working with the community to address all neighborhood concerns ahead of an '09 launch. "We want to have more community outreach with the citizens of Vineland," says Attal. "There will always be opposition to festivals -- you can't stop that. But what we do in Chicago and Austin is meet with the communities, and it takes time to do that. We don't want to launch and do one and out."