The sudden election of Michael Cohl to the chairmanship of Live Nation's board of directors may herald a flurry of announcements regarding new 360-degree artist deals a la the much-discussed 10-year, $120 million Madonna pact of last October.

After all, multitiered deals with touring artists are the stock in trade of Cohl, who was previously vice chairman for Live Nation. He will continue in his role as chairman/CEO of Live Nation Artists (LNA), formerly known as Artist Nation.

Cohl is credited with developing the concept of one-promoter global touring and the development of aftermarket tour revenue opportunities—books, TV shows, videos/DVDs, films and merchandise. He has promoted four of the top five tours of all time, including every Rolling Stones tour since Steel Wheels in 1989 and A Bigger Bang in 2005-07, the top-grossing tour of all time at more than $558 million.

Given that LNA is Cohl's baby, his appointment to chairman is telling that LNA and new artist deals will be a focus, beyond sending the message that he is fully invested in Live Nation and not looking for a cashout.

And then there's the Fogel factor. In a Q&A at the Billboard Touring Conference late last year, Arthur Fogel, chairman of global music for Live Nation and a key architect of the Madonna deal—also a longtime innovator with Cohl—said that after the Madonna deal was announced, "there was an avalanche of artists, managers, lawyers [and] business managers coming to us and saying, 'This is exactly what we think needs to happen in the business.' "

Fogel called such deep relationships as Madonna/Live Nation "a natural evolution" for the music business, adding, "Madonna is the first of many announcements of partnerships with artists going forward. The Madonna deal isn't in isolation. It's a plan and a vision that's going to be rolled out over the near term and long term."

Since then, however, the Live Nation team has played it close to the vest as industry scuttlebutt runs rampant as to which artists might be heading down the Live Nation road. Here we handicap some of the names that are being bandied about.

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