Fussy International, a bio-diesel coordination and "green" initiatives consulting firm, has added Tim Allyn and Doug Masterson to its team.

Allyn, a "green" consultant and activist, previously worked for the Sierra Club organizing the California Wild Heritage Campaign and has served as the environmental consultant on Warped and other tours. He will concentrate on coordinating bio-diesel requirements and other environmental resolutions for Fussy International clients, based in the Los Angeles office.

Masterson, a business development and logistics specialist, is a long time member of Rock-It Cargo's executive team in various capacities, as well as a filmmaker and live event producer. He will concentrate on business development for Fussy International, driving communication on the various benefits of bio-diesel use. Masterson will also be based in the Los Angeles office.

Launched by Chris Fussell, a veteran concert touring professional and current production manager for Sheryl Crow, Fussy International provides bio-fueling coordination as well as other environmental initiatives to touring acts, live corporate events, music festivals, touring theatrical acts, and film and television productions.

Fussy International is based in Portland, Oregon with an additional office in Los Angeles. Recent concert tours handled include the Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Eat World. In addition, Fussy Intl. will be handling the tours of two returning clients this summer, Sheryl Crow and the Warped Tour, among others.