Op-Ed: LiveStub CEO Questions TM-LN Merger Complaints
March 11, 2009
The CEO of secondary ticket site LiveStub asks regulators to get answers on key questions before approving the Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger.

Canada To Investigate Ticketmaster Complaints
March 06, 2009
The Canadian government has asked the Competition Bureau to investigate complaints that Ticketmaster diverts tickets to its reselling subsidiary, which then sells them for far higher prices.

CTS/Live Nation Pact Would Survive Ticketmaster Deal
March 06, 2009
The proposed merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster will have no detrimental impact on the existing 10-year partnership agreement between Live Nation and leading European promoter/ticketing operation CTS Eventim, says the German company.

AEG CEO Slams LN-TM Merger During Billboard Keynote
March 05, 2009
The proposed merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster is clearly not in the best interest of the music business or the consumer, according Anschutz Entertainment Group president/CEO Tim Leiweke, who spoke today at the Billboard Music & Money Symposium in New York.

Opinion: Ticketmaster-LN Hearing Was Great Internet TV
February 26, 2009
Rife with grandstanding, posturing, a stunning lack of understanding of the industry on the part of politicians, humor, compelling characters and no small amount of drama, the subcommittee on antitrust, competition policy and consumer rights hearing on the Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger on Feb. 24 in Washington, D.C., was nothing less than fascinating.

Ticketmaster: AEG May Cancel If Merger Succeeds
February 26, 2009
Ticketmaster's chief executive sought Thursday to allay antitrust fears over the ticket seller's planned merger with concert promoter Live Nation by revealing that a major venue operator has threatened to cancel its contract if the merger goes through.

Live Nation-Ticketmaster Merger Grilled On Capitol Hill
February 24, 2009
The chief executive officers from Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment were grilled in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Senate Judiciary's antitrust subcommittee and independent concert promoters, who questioned the motives and potential outcome of the proposed merger of the two live entertainment giants.

Ticketmaster Settles Springsteen-Sparked Attorney General Probe
February 23, 2009
Nearly a month after a controversial ticket on-sale for Bruce Springsteen's upcoming North American tour, Ticketmaster Entertainment has reached a national settlement with the New Jersey Attorney General in which the ticketing company has agreed to alter some of its business practices and pay $350,000 to cover fees associated with the investigation.

Senate Spotlight On Live Nation, Ticketmaster
February 23, 2009
The Senate Judiciary Committees first hearing on the proposed merger between live entertainment giants Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment is set for Tuesday (Feb. 24).

Ticketmaster To Change Online Sales Practices
February 23, 2009
Nearly a month after a controversial ticket on sale for Bruce Springsteen's upcoming North American tour, Ticketmaster Entertainment has reached a national settlement with the New Jersey Attorney General in which the ticketing company has agreed to alter some of its business practices.

Ticketmaster Shareholders Sue Company
February 19, 2009
A group of Ticketmaster Entertainment shareholders have filled a class action lawsuit against the ticketing company, claiming its sale price to Live Nation was "grossly inadequate," according to the claim, which was filed last week in Los Angeles.

.Biz Exclusive: European Regulatory Challenges Ahead
February 13, 2009
Live Nation/Ticketmaster declined to comment on its specific merger approval strategy for Europe, but the deal is likely to require clearance by the European Commission.

Live Nation Investor Backs Merger, Opposes Diller
February 13, 2009
The largest shareholder in Live Nation Inc said on Friday he is concerned about the role Barry Diller will play if the concert promoter merges with Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc.

.Biz Exclusive: AEG CEO Leiweke Discusses LN/TM Merger
February 13, 2009
Sounding every bit like a man girding for a protracted legal battle, Tim Leiweke, CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), says his company is "very concerned about the proposed Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger, and in particular very nervous about it's impact on the fans, the consumer, the artists and the industry."

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Deal: Web Reaction
February 11, 2009
The Live Nation, Ticketmaster merger has been the talk of the industry for the last few days, with every media outlet speculating about the effect of the deal on the music industry landscape. Click through for a round-up of analysis and opinion from around the Web.

Justice Dept. To Probe Live Nation, Ticketmaster Deal
February 11, 2009
The Justice Department says it will investigate the proposed merger of ticketing giant Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. with Live Nation Inc.

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Merger: Rapino & Azoff Talk
February 11, 2009
Live Nation Entertainment brings together two of the most influential players in the music industry: Ticketmaster Entertainment/Front Line Management CEO Irving Azoff, and Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino.

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Merger: Conference Call Notes
February 10, 2009
In an investor conference call regarding their pending merger, Ticketmaster chairman Barry Diller, Ticketmaster Entertainment CEO Irving Azoff, and Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino provided several comments on the deal, CTS Eventim, Madonna, U2 and more.

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Merger Confirmed
February 10, 2009
The announcement the music industry has been waiting for has come: a definitive merger agreement between Live Nation and Ticketmaster to create Live Nation Entertainment.

Update: Live Nation, Ticketmaster Deal Imminent
February 10, 2009
Ticketmaster Entertainment and Live Nation are scheduled to announce their pending merger Tuesday morning, according to the Wall Street Journal. A source tells Billboard that the boards of both companies met Sunday and approved the deal, but neither company would confirm at press time.