Starbooker Presents, LLC, has signed on to provide event booking and contract negotiation services for Bojangles Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, N.C., in a three-year deal with the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. Starbooker is the new event booking and talent management company launched by veteran arena manager Jeffrey Bowen.

Effective immediately, Starbooker will become the primary point of contact for event booking in the venues, and will handle all booking inquiries, talent buying, producing, and any co-promotions for Bojangles and Ovens. According to Bowen, the agents, managers, promoters and producers will contact Starbooker Presents for avails, and Bowen will follow-through with negotiations, contracting, and in some cases producing and settlement.

After event contracts are finalized, the Ovens/Bojangles' staff, led by Interim GM Lamont Holman, will be responsible for event management, coordination and fulfillment activities.

"The main idea will be once I've booked the event and contracted it, I will turn it over to the staff at the venues to move through to show day," Bowen tells

Bowen says his goal is to continue to add venues to the Starbooker client list, "and they can be located anywhere in the country, so long as they are outside of any protected territory from current clients."

He says he has been in discussions with venues in the Northwest, West, and additional venues in North Carolina, and Tennessee. Starbooker and Bowen, a former child actor, will also manage and book a small group of artists, actors and speakers.

Starbooker president/CEO Bowen has been a facility manager in Winston-Salem, N.C., Indianapolis at the city's Conseco Fieldhouse, and most recently at Chicago's Sear's Centre arena. Ovens Auditorium and Bojangles' Coliseum are the company's cornerstone clients, and Bowen soon will relocate to Greensboro, N.C.

"After my tenure in Chicago ended I began looking for what the next big adventure would be," Bowen says. "I began getting calls from old friends who are entertainers, actors, venue managers, etc. asking me now that I had free time would I consider helping them out until I decided what to do next. All of a sudden I knew what the next step would be and Starbooker Presents was born."