Hello Music, am online music venture that seeks greater awareness for undiscovered artists, is planning a new tour that will target 3,000 seat markets.

"It's going to be a five band, sweaty indie electro dance party," said John Boyle, president of Hello Music this morning and the Music & Advertising conference. "Bands in the Hello music system will get a chance to have multiple dates, or one date in a local market."

The tour will be marketed though independent promoters and have no service fees. Boyle said he's in talks with sponsors and that tickets will be priced at $25.

"This is the beginning of a property we plan to have around for many years," he said.

Hello Music launched in January and created by Wilshire Media Group, a digital music product design and development firm founded by Zack Zalon and Brendon Cassidy.

Reporting by Lou Carlozo.