Business Matters: Ticketfly Adds Venues Union Transfer (Philly), The Foundry (Phoenix)
Business Matters: Ticketfly Adds Venues Union Transfer (Philly), The Foundry (Phoenix)

Ticketing startup Ticketfly has added a feature it hopes will differentiate its service from its competitors. On Tuesday the company unveiled its new analytics dashboard that gives clients a snapshot of various statistics. It's the latest product feature for the San Francisco-based startup that raised a fresh $12 million in funding in April.

"What it does is it takes a look at ticket sales stats, web site stats, e-mail stats, referrals, in one neat package with color-coded pie charts and graphs gives clients visibility into ticket sales and how their programs are performing," explained CEO Andrew Dreskin.

One part of the dashboard is a sell-through rate metric that allows clients to quickly see what percentage of a show's tickets have sold. The sell-through rate can be viewed on an event-by-event basis, too, so clients can easily see if future events need extra attention. The dashboard can also gives deeper insight into the origin of web traffic and ticket sales, Dreskin added. Ticketfly can tell where web traffic originated and whether a ticket purchase was the result of an event's Facebook page or a fan-to-fan share.

Ticketfly can give this kind of overview because it provides enterprise technology that powers social marketing, e-mails and websites in addition to its clients' ticketing. "Because we're the technology that underpins all those, we have visibility into the performance of those various components that perhaps other companies don't," he says.

This new product feature is an extension of the company's goal to be the best provider of data to its clients, says Dreskin. "As you can imagine, people don't want less information. They want more information to help them make better decisions."