Odd Future, Wiz Khalifa and Mariah Carey Stir Buzz on Social 50 Chart
Odd Future, Wiz Khalifa and Mariah Carey Stir Buzz on Social 50 Chart

Odd Future today announced that the group's next album, and first for label Odd Future Records (Sony/RED Distribution), will be released March 20. The album, titled "The OF Tape Vol. 2" will feature everyone from the 11-member collective, including Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and Leftbrain.

Along with the album release, the group announced that they will hit the road in March, hitting ten cities around the country and launching a pop up store at each stop before the show. The group previously ran a pop up store called Golf Wang in Los Angeles Nov. 25 through the holiday season, where they sold exclusive merchandise and Odd Future clothing. Details of the tour have not yet been announced.

Odd Future Gets Television Show

Additionally, each show will feature an exclusive showing of Odd Future's new Adult Swim program, "Loiter Squad," which will be getting its debut on March 25. The 15-minute live action series will feature sketches and pranks, and is being produced by Dickhouse Entertainment, the production team behind Jackass that includes Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze.

In addition the the collective's material, Tyler, The Creator will be coming out with "Wolf," the followup to his 2011 solo album "Goblin" some time in the Spring, while MellowHype, the Hodgy Beats/Leftbrain collaboration project, will put out their new album "Numbers" this summer.