(Photo: Karen Civil)

Nine years ago, 50 Cent burst into mainstream hip-hop -- with the help of co-executive producer Eminem -- on his proper debut, "Get Rich or Die Tryin.'" The album's street credibility was depicted through refreshing gangsta lyricism and marketable singles, and earned 50 his first Billboard 200 No. 1 album.

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Fast forward to Friday night (March 16), when 50 Cent revisited the successful album with an anniversary concert, 'Shady 2.0,' at SXSW. At 11 p.m. 50 Cent walked onto the stage of Austin Music Hall wearing a camouflage bulletproof vest, reminiscent of 50's persona circa '03.

50 ran through "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" at a fast pace, at times forgetting his lyrics and laughing it off. Fortunately, close friend and G-Unit member, Tony Yayo, was right by 50's side, never missing a beat or a forgotten verse.

Mid-show, 50's introduced his artists Previous Paris and Kid Kid to SXSW. Both performed "Do Your Thing," while 50 changed is 'fit for the second time.

Eminem, rumored to make an appearance from the moment the concert was announced, indeed joined 50 on stage. Both rhymed to "Patiently Waiting" alongside each other, and later closed the show together with 50's freestyle, "Till I Collapse," "Don't Push Me" -- sans Lloyd Banks -- and Eminem's own "Crack a Bottle."

"We out of here," Eminem said after thanking those in attendance. "I want to stay," 50 then said, with his signature smile, before walking off as well.